So Many Sports, So Little Room

Spring has sprung and sports season has officially kicked off.  It seems that with every sport comes different gear, different shoes and different helmets.  Where are you going to put it all so you can find it and grab and go when it’s time to hit the track, field or court?

First of all, you should keep a designated area specifically for sports shoes right by your entryway to collect this stinky footwear.  Although they don’t get used as often as other shoes they will collect the majority of the dirt and crud that enters your house.  A boot tray, industrial grade rug or basket will keep the dirt confined in the space. Placing shoes heel toe next to one another will allow you to squeeze in another pair or two of shoes.


If you store most of your sports gear in your garage, consider placing long items like sticks, bats and racquets against a wall in between the studs and just nail a flat piece of wood to the studs so the items will stay in place.  You can go a step further and nail some thick sturdy nails into the studs for anything flat you’d like to hang like jump ropes and tennis rackets.


Another solution for bats, sticks and clubs is a garbage can or tall plastic hamper.

For all the other gear it’s best to organize by category.  Clearly labeled milk crates or rectangular hampers on shelves make items easy to access and easy for everyone to put away when you’re done playing.  IMG_0473IMG_0470

Another quick and easy way to organize balls is with bungee cords.  Check these out:


The better organized you have your space the faster you’ll get out without forgetting anything and the more time you’ll have for playing.  Have fun…..and don’t forget your hat and sunblock (those should be by the door)!



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