What’s in Your (Shoe) Bag?

Shoe bags aren’t just for shoes.  They’re one of the best kept secrets behind the doors of many organized homes.  Think about these clever and space saving tips the next time you organize a cluttered area of your house.  Use clear mesh or PVC shoe bags so you can always see what’s inside.  Depending on the thickness of the door or wall you’re using, the bag can be attached either over the door with hooks or with stick on hooks like those from the brand 3M.

In a playroom, shoe bags can be used to organize craft supplies, Barbie dolls, legos and a number of other toys with little pieces that always need sorting.

They can also be hung on the inside of a linen or storage closet to keep all of your cleaning supplies in one place while not taking up necessary shelf space and in a pantry closet for all of the snack, condiment and cooking supply overflow.

In a bedroom they can be used inside a closet for socks, underwear, sport gear and other miscellaneous overflow.  My son is the king of stuff and this system seems to be working great for him.


The possibilities are endless….all you need is a bag, a wall or a closet and a creative sorting mind so you can reorganize all of your stuff into one central location.


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