Happy “Year of the Lego” New Year

Happy New Year!

This is the year I’m taking back the legos. I spent my winter break purging, decluttering and helping my kids (ages 9 & 12) to organize their humungous lego collection. This was no easy feat. It was many hours (like days) and a few people (kids, grandparents, parents) all pitching in to comb through 20+ lbs of disorganized and disjointed lego parts.  It takes patience, a village to take back a lego collection! 


I’ve already told my children that if this system doesn’t work, the next lego organizing session will be giving their legos away to other kids that will do a better job of keeping them in order.

The initial process seemed daunting and overwhelming but like every other organizing project we had a specific end goal and finite small tasks to get us to the finish line. We each started with a small plastic bin or cup and scooped up a bunch of legos from the large Rubbermaid and laid out multiple empty bins on the floor for sorting. We decided based on their massive collection that sorting by color was the best way to go about the job.  In addition to the color bins, we had smaller plastic containers for “the guys.”  Heads, bodies, pants & accessories were all sorted in sections based on like with likes.





Voila!  Here is 12+ hours and 4+ people of lego sorting.  Stay tuned to see if this system can be maintained….


Bling Things

Happiness is a sparkly new necklace.  Misery is only wearing it once because it’s now tangled in with the rest of your baubles and who really has time to organize that mess?

Does this look familiar?IMG_2969Organizing your necklaces, bracelets and earrings doesn’t need to be all that labor intensive, time consuming or expensive.  All you need are a few good ideas, a designated space for your trinkets and the time to coral all the stray earrings and untangle the chains.

For necklaces, why not hang hooks or peg board on the inside of a cabinet door or closet?

For bracelets, you can use candlesticks or empty bottles to stack and display them on a dresser or shelf.

For earrings, why not attach pairs to a novelty ribbon, buttons, use a pill container to separate or display in a frame?


Your jewelry should be fun to wear but also fun to display, put away and access when the mood strikes.  Time to let your bling sing!


Chill Out

Unfurl the flags, light up the fire pit and grill and look up in the sky for fireworks…..it’s (unofficially) summertime!!

How can one chill while manning the grill?  These pointers will help you to enjoy yourself and your company this summer.  The only sweat will be from the sun, not from the pressure you put on yourself to throw a successful outdoor gathering.

Think finger foods – the less utensils the less cleaning up you’ll have to do.  Hamburgers, Hot dogs, wings, corn on the cob and any type of kebob will eliminate the need for cumbersome forks and knives.  Watermelon slices, cherries and s’mores make for hassle free deserts.  Keep wet wipe packs on hand for easy finger and face clean ups.

Paper food trays are the best way to serve anything you will have at your gathering from hot dogs, burgers and fries to snacks, side dishes and fruit.  Pile it all in!  No need for dinner plates, desert plates and bowls anymore.

Transport condiments and other serving items on trays, muffin tins or paper six pack drink sleeves.  It will be less time going in and out when you’re setting and cleaning up.

S’more time to relax and enjoy and less to tidy up.  Enjoy!

Mom’s Love…..


Mom’s love….

Homemade cards

Breakfast in bed.                                                                                                                           Bonus points if the kitchen gets cleaned up


Someone else to wash, fold and put away the laundry.


An organized makeup drawer

An organized mudroom

An organized junk drawer

An organized pantry


A full day outdoors without children arguing with one another


Clean hands



It really is the simple things that can mean the most.  Enjoy your family.  Enjoy the season.  Enjoy all the moms in your life – xxoo

Snow Day!

What a difference a couple of weeks make these days…..

Earlier this month, ice cubes were being flushed down the toilet, pajamas worn inside out and backwards and white crayons placed in every window of our home with the hope that these rituals would ensure that school would be closed.   It worked!

Fast forward a week and we were running around barefoot on the beach in 60 degree weather on President’s Day weekend!  Everyone is so confused and parents need to be on their game about how to entertain kids in any type of weather, any season.  That being said, these activities work when there’s a snow day and you can’t go outside or a heat wave and you can’t go outside.  In either case, letting kids have endless screens will keep them quiet while they’re watching but will send them bouncing off the wall when time is up.

Consider some of these activities to keep everyone’s sanity intact whether it’s too hot or too cold outside….

  1.  An EPIC Pillow Fort- In our house EPIC pillow forts are only built on special occasions and involve using every chair and couch cushion, throw pillows, sleeping pillows and most blankets. How to engineer it will take a while.  When complete it can be used for reading, resting, playing video games, a play date with all of the stuffed animals or a shelter for a Nerf gun battle.  It’s amazing to watch how creative kids can be when given every cushion in the house and their limitless imagination.


2.  A Giant Cardboard Box – 

In this case, the bigger the better when it comes to box sizes.  Their minds will go crazy making favorite cartoon characters, houses, skyscrapers or even an entire city.

3.  Stuffed Animal Party – 

Collect all of the stuffed animals in your house and have a big party!!  If your house is anything like mine, it will take quite a while to gather all of the animals and arrange them just so.  This is just a small sampling of the furry friends in our house.


4.  Kitchen Crafts –

There are more things in your kitchen than you realize to settle in for a crafty afternoon.  How about paper plate snowmen, pasta necklaces, coffee filter snowmen or snowflakes or egg crate animals?  It’s very likely that all the supplies you need are already in your house

If time allows and you’re feeling motivated, why not tackle a drawer or two while your kids are occupied or organize your pantry?  And as an end note how about a cup of cocoa or lemonade (depending on the season) in front of the fireplace or fire pit.


The Bag Lady

Handbags are kind of like shoes when it comes to thinking you don’t have all that many but when you do an actual inventory there are three times as many as you think.  While we often have one to three handbags in our regular rotation there are many more collecting dust in various places around our home.  It may be time to corral them, do some edits and figure out the best way to store them all together before you go out and add to your already extensive collection.

According to the blog “www.thefashionspot.com” there are six essential styles of handbags that every woman should own – Cross Body, Day Clutch, Weekender, Evening Clutch, Day Tote Bag and a Just for Fun bag.  Realistically, you probably have a few of one style and none of another…..but that’s OK, as long as you have what you need and know where it is.

Instead of just throwing your bags in the back of your closet, here are some practical and creative ways to house what you have.

If you have a designated closet for everyday coats, why not dedicate a hanger or two to your most used handbags or a hanging cubby/shoe bag that can work for the overflow? Or use the back of a door.

If you have space at the bottom of a closet you can corral your bags into a large enough basket or two to accommodate them all.


Photo courtesy of Space Therapy Montclair, LLC


If shelf space in a closet allows, why not use a pot rack to sort small clutches?

Another creative way to store your handbags is on a towel bar with shower curtain hooks. All you need is a small stretch of wall and someone handy to attach the bar.  The weight of the bags could rip the bar out of the wall if it’s not properly secured.


Photo courtesy of Space Therapy Montclair, LLC

And don’t forget the just for fun bags in your collection;  Here are a few of my favorites:

Do Big, Start Small

The New Year always brings big plans and a lot of self-induced pressure.  The best way to really ‘do’ big this year is to start small – especially if you easily get overwhelmed.

You’ll feel more of a sense of accomplishment by getting smaller things done than by having big plans and not knowing where to start.  If you’ve never been one for lists you should try making daily lists for the next couple of weeks so you can see exactly what you’ve accomplished in a day.  Even if the tasks seem mundane – like putting away holiday decorations, writing thank you notes or going through piles of last years’ mail – you will feel like you’ve gotten something done after you cross it off a list.

If you’re big plan for the year is ‘take back the playroom,’ ‘get rid of clutter in the kitchen,’ or ‘get back in shape,’ it’s best to break the end goal down into smaller tasks in order to get the big job done.  For example, don’t plan to go to the gym five days next week for two hours each session.  You’re body is probably not ready to be so intense and you will make yourself feel really bad if it doesn’t happen.  How about take one twenty minute brisk walk instead?  If you have light weights at home try lifting them for ten minutes before you get ready for bed.  If you do that once then plan to do it the next day.  If you walk for twenty minutes three times next week than increase your time by a few minutes or add another day of walking the following week.  By starting small it’s easier to feel good about what you’ve accomplished and you will be excited to add a little more.

If your plan is to get rid of all the clutter in your kitchen start by setting aside an hour  or two a day at a time when you are least likely to get interrupted so you don’t get side tracked from your task. Start with your junk drawer, container drawer or silverware drawer if they’re messy because those will probably take the least amount of time to sort.  Don’t feel bad about discarding or donating items that you don’t need or no longer use.  It will make the things that you decide to keep more accessible and easier to find when you need them.

Feel good about every little area that you unload, purge and declutter.  It will make you much more motivated to move onto the next task.  Happy New Year and Happy Organizing!